Drugged up!

Ok, sorta.  You see, I was rear-ended by a guy who was on his cell AND had been drinking a few weeks ago.  I thought I was ok, but i have had consistent, nagging shoulder, back and neck pain, that i had been treating with over the counter pain relievers.  The other night, the pain came in hard and fast, and was killing me, i couldn’t sleep!  So i finally, at the behest of my wife, went to the doctor, who after a few minutes gave me a prescription for some muscle relaxers, and set me up with a physical therapist.  So, i have been taking the muscle relaxers twice a day (which pretty much knock me out), and Thursday i go to the physical therapist.  Hopefully we can get this solved, as i am prett miserable atm, and i hate the way the pills make me feel.


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