Quick post (too early)/Media

I just wanted to post a quick little note.

Health care reform, i think, is a good thing.  It seems watching TV is bad for people to really understand what’s going on.  With Fox news slanting it thier way, MSNBC slanting it thier way, and on top of that, the three idiots on the radio every morning (on my favorite station) are so right leaning that all they do is pick on people, and belittle them about this.  The main host of the show is wealthy and slams people who are unemployed, or working and can’t afford to get health care.  He says “Get a better job” etc, etc… IN THIS ECONOMY?! and job market?!  Idiot!  I have been unemployed since i graduated from college  (for a second time), even crappy little retail jobs (which i am WAY qualified for) won’t hire me, because i have been out of work so long!

He obviously doesn’t get how the real world works anymore.  OK, maybe he did have to work hard before, but the world is constantly changing, and things are just not what they were when he actually had to work.  Also, one of the co-hosts is also an idiot!  He acts like everyone has tons of luxuries they can give up, so they can afford to pay for insurance.  WHAT!?  Ok the only phone i have is my cell… How do i give up my only life line to potential employers, if i give it up.  I’m sorry, but there are cell plans for like 20 bucks a month!  20 bucks will not get ya healthcare.

Some people infuriate me so much!  These are the same people who came out last year and said Transgendered people are freaks!  and disgusting, etc etc.  They were taken off the air for nearly a week, so they could contrive their scripts for an “apology” show, which was a joke, they still belittled and acted like idiots even while having a transgendered person on the show!

OK, so this wasn’t such a short note after all.  Anyway, just had to get that off my chest.



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