Tuesday Maintenance

If you play World of Warcraft you know what my title means.

Yes it’s tuesday, and WoW servers are down for another 35 minutes or so.  I may hate it, but they have been doing it for 5 years.  I know, it helps take the excess load off the servers, etc etc.  Anyway, I haven’t posted in a few days so i thought i jot something down (while i wait for the servers to come up).  So, I still can’t find work-sucks to, as i really want to get back out there and start earning some money, so i can begin to really build my wardrobe.  Last week (friday) I went to a small event for the local TG/CD community, but everyone was in male attire (it’s for people who are not yet full time or comfortable in female attire yet.  Anyway, it was fun, we went to an Italian restaurant downtown.  Myself and one other person slit a 13″ pizza, it was amazing!  So yummy.  I am terribad with names so i think i got maybe one or two.  LOL

So, most of the time i wear sports bras to “mush” down the girls, since i rarely go out “en femme”.  But lately i wear a real bra under my male attire and i can tell ya, the girls are much happier and boy are they getting noticeable!   Good thing good thing, don’t get me wrong… the further i progress, the better.  As i am hoping to go full time around the beginning of summer, but we will see.

I had a laser hair removal appointment last week for my face, and the girl turned up the “juice” on me again.  WOW! my face was so red and swollen after!  I have never had that happen, i mean it gets a little red, but nothing like this time!  It’s all gone away now, but i was a little scared for awhile.  Seems like it’s not working all that great, but we’ll see (I need to shave).

I was thinking about going to an event at a local retailer on saturday (they shut down the store and open it up to TG/CD community only).  pretty awesome they’d do that, but then again it’s probably one of the more profitable evenings they have out side X-Mas time.  Maybe next time, although as i am still pretty heavy i’m not sure they’d have anything my size 😦

well, it’s been 10 minutes 😛 bleh!  I guess i will surf some while i wait for those darn servers.



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