Two posts in one day!?

lol ya i have something else to say, but it seemed to far of a jump to put it in my last post.

A few weeks (one or two) ago, i was REALLY down on my self.  Now, i have always had severe self esteem issues, but lately i was really down on myself, and my looks.  I feel like i will never pass.  Which (according to my wife) is silly and ironic, as we have been out i think twice now, where we were addressed as “ladies”, even when i was not presenting.  She says i am more feminine than i think or even know.  Maybe.  I suppose (as i said in my last post) I should just present, and go out shopping and see what happens.

I am terrified of hate crimes and such, but if i “pass” when i am not trying, then maybe i will be ok.


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