Now TGs will know what that means, but if there are others who do not lemme “drop some knowledge on ya”.  (sorry)

Presenting for a TG means going out fully dressed, made up, (or not for FtM), and acting your target sex.  I have only dipped my big toe in that pool like three times (always in a safe, judge-free) environment.  Which makes me find the events of this morning very interesting, and gives me a little self-confidence boost (as i have very little).  Today, i was at target doing some shopping (as i am known to do at least twice a week), and had a pretty full cart, when i was walking towards the back of the store.  It was warm, as i was wearing my World of Warcraft Hoodie (it’s chilly outside i swear they crank the heat up in there), so i was feeling a little sweaty, and nasty (guy-like).  Anyway (gross), I saw a woman (worker) walking down an isle towards me, we made eye contact, for about 5 seconds, and she smiled and asked me; “Are you finding everything ok Ma’am?”


Holy crow!  I said (subconsciously) in the most light feminine voice i could muster on the fly, “Yes, thank you.” and smiled.  I think i walked about 3 inches off the ground the rest of the way through the store.  I was very casual about, keeping my explosion of joy to myself, but i ran over it about a million times before i even got out of the store.

If you are not a TG and are reading this, you may not understand how vital passing is to us, but is pretty much everything.  To be accepted as are target sex as early as possible only means the rest of the process (SHOULD) go well.  Not always guarantee , but i would think it helps.  Listen to, talk like i have been doing this for years and not 9 months.  (Sheesh, NINE MONTHS!?)


ps Not that many people come here, but i think i am going to tag all my posts with what i am listening to (just to see where i was at the time)

Listening to:  Kansas-The Best of Kansas


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