Shopping/Girly Stuff/Presenting (again)

OK, first off, let me start by saying…DANG i am getting lazy with this thing.  If anyone is reading it (noone bothers to add comments, or follow me) /cry  I promise to step it up.

Shopping- Yesterday, my wife and I went shopping!  WOW did we shop!  Let’s see… new pair of jeans, two t-shirts (one black one pink), A new dressier top and a cami to go under it, a small clutch purse, and wallet to go in it.  I had a coupon since my birthday is this month, so we got 25% off!  saved us about 35 bucks!  I love the stuff i got, i am wearing my new jeans and the black top atm. 🙂  The only thing that spoiled the visit, was when the girl asked my wife if she wanted a dressing room started for her.  I have been in there alone once before, and it’s funny that time a different sales girl called my “lady”.  oh well.

Girly Stuff- As my wardrobe grows (slowly but surely) My style is not very girly…yet.  I fear i will end up being a tom boy, and in my vision i have for myself, that’s not what i want.  Obviously, when i get more comfortable, i’m sure things will change.  Plus i desperately need to lose weight!  As a matter of fact i need to go for a walk this morning.  So i shoulld make this quick.

Presenting-Late last week i was at a gas station near my wife’s work, not presenting, but as i was pumping gas i was looking around (as the area isn’t great, and i always watch my back there (probably used to it from living in chicago for 7 years).  Anyway,there was aguy in front of me at the pump and everytime my field of vision would fall past him, he was looking at me (creepy).  I told my wife i think he was trying to figure out what i was.  LOL She told me to shut up!  She always says, you’re a girl, get over it! LMAO  Anyway, short but sweet today.

Listening to: Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark

Pearl Jam-Backspacer



  1. LOL……my bad….

    This is better.
    I’ve enjoyed reading you blog so far…
    You need to get into that dressing room, though!

    Just DO it!


    Dee Jay

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