Coming Out

Probably one of the most stressful things (i would imagine) for any of us in the wider LGBT community.  I know it drives me insane to even think about it.  But the more i get call “miss”, or Ma’am”, it makes me wonder if i am not almost there.  Then I look at myself in the mirror and think; “Those people are nuts!  I don’t look like a girl, just an awkward guy.” LOL  The ironic thing was, this morning, my wife said to me as we headed out the door (looking at my chest) “Ya know, you’re not gonna be able to hide those things much longer.  They are pretty obvious.”

Needless to say, coming out is very stressful, and can be dangerous, and emotional.  If i come out to the people i live with, how will they treat me? If i come out to my family back home, will they abolish me from the family?  All questions i am sure most people in the LGBT community go over in their heads hundreds of times before they actually do it.

Just realized i am not listening to anything…. ok better now.

So, i have been thinking about this a LOT recently.  I don’t feel like i can go/pass as female 24/7, but i guess i won’t know til i do it huh?  I am still WAY overweight, and i think that’s one of the major things that holds me back.  I have tried (somewhat) to get more exercise and lose weight, but it is quite hard to stick to it day in and day out.  I suppose the time has come to get off my ass and start walking EVERY day.

I have been trying to do more things within the community; The “drab” lunches (male attire), tomorrow night i am going to a social (en femme), got my nails and eyebrows done today.  Going to another “drab” lunch next week, and of course my TG support group meetings once a month. (next saturday).

anyway, coming out….yaaaaa… one to think on.

Listening to; Disturbed-The Sickness


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