Yes people in the Tg community feel pain.  People who care about Tg (really care about them) feel it as well.  The thing is, while hearing, and knowing that someone you love is Tg, and that in of it’s self is painful to accept and understand, NOONE understand the anguish that Tg people go through every day during their transition.  I understand the pain or possibly having to let someone go you truely love because of this drastic (but necessary) decision.  I think it’s vastly selfish of someone who does not fully understand what we go through to claim they hurt more than we could understand.  That’s laughable!

A Tg person is changing every facet of their life.  Changing not just their name, and gender… but essentially their whole way of life.  Many Tg people, i’m sure, will go through unimaginable ridicule and intolerance.  While a person who is not, may only have to face up to the thought they are losing someone they love to something they will NEVER truly understand.  It’s the death of a loved one, painful, VERY painful, but nothing compared to the person who died.  Their existence as they knew it is done, gone, over…”kaput”.

Being Tg is difficult, and i am not even in my Real Life Experience (RLE) yet (though i feel i may be getting close).  Most Tgs that I have talked to (read their stories on line, etc) have lost everything!  their jobs, their families, their homes, everything!  I am VERY lucky to have such a loving wife who cares so deeply for me, that she accepts me for who and what i am with open arms.  Very few Tgs do.

Pain? oh I know about pain… as ALL tgs people do.  While other may THINK they know pain, they truly have no idea.

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  1. I enjoy reading your entries and this one about pain is so familiar to me. It really is a constant battle every day, however it is a battle that helps strengthen us and builds our self-esteem and confidence, something I struggle with as well.

    Keep blogging hon.


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