Computers/The Internet

Not a TG post, but something in my life none the less.

Lately (like all of a sudden) one of my fans got really loud, like it’s having trouble spinning (it clicks alot).  Anyway, i took some compressed air to my case.  Didn’t really solve it, so this morning I took (what i thought to be the offending fan) out and blasted in with compressed air again.  Put it back in, put it all back together…power on……………nothing!  UGH!  Basically to make a long story I got it all hooked back up correctly (stupid little wires came unplugged LMAO.  Anyway, turned it on, started working on this entry (or rather thinking about it) and it STILL makes a little racket.  It’s curious, if i tilt it towards the front (like not all the way on my shelf, it stops.  I think i may get a new fan… hopefully that’s all it is.

Anyway, can you believe i went to school for puter?! sheesh!

Computers are a wonderful invention.  Connects people from all across the globe together, people who would normally never be able to communicate.  Allows things like online communities of like minded individuals (ala the TG community), and allows people who might not normally have a “voice” to be heard.  Like this blog).  Technically, all that i just listed is more of an internet thing, but you know what i mean.

Yes, I know some people use the internet for evil, but there are alot of wonderful things on the net.  Anyway, nothing deep or well thought out today, but i may be back later.  Be warned!!! oooohhhhh 😛

Listening to: Flyleaf- Flyleaf (special edition)


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