While it seem like things have slowed down a bit, the little changes i have seen have been helpful in me staying positive about this whole thing.  I think my face has changed a little, and i definitely have had breast growth!  While they are not huge I am nearly a full A-cup.  🙂  As i have said before, my wife says i won’t be able to hide them much longer LMAO  I pretty much wear girl clothes from top to bottom these days, as i mentioned in my shopping trip post, i bought a couple of girly tops that i wear (wearing the pink one as we speak.  🙂

I hope I will see more changes soon… As i approach one year on HRT I am pretty happy so far with my progress, but i hope the second year brings even more changes.  One the the things i have needed to do for a LONG time, is start eating better, and getting more exercise.  Last night, we went to the store and got a bunch of healthy frozen dinners (weight watchers, etc), and had salads, veggies and our dinners.  Also, this morning i went for a LONG walk (longer than I ever have here.  Felt great!  Just have to stay on it, and focus on the goal… losing weight, and getting to a reasonable size and health level.

Listening to: Rage Against the Machine-Renegades


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