Here I am, take me as I am

So, i had another therapy appointment today (directed my therapist here-maybe she’ll check it out, maybe not).  Anyway, We talked a bit about my style, and ways to help myself feel/look more feminine.  ALL good ideas, just need to follow through 😛  We also discussed coming out again UGH!  Sometimes, the need to tell people can be almost overwhelming, namely my mom.  I think she’d handle it ok, but as i said before, my father … not so much.

Side note: Ahh the irony… currently listening to Rush’s Freewill 😛

I really want be a little further in my transition before i do…i think.

Well, the wife and i have finally decided to start eating better, etc and getting exercise.  I have come to the conclusion i am going to walk 3 days a week for 45 minutes -1 hour each day.  I did this yesterday and felt great (all be it a little sweaty), and it put me in a pretty good mood.  So i will definitely keep that up. OH also, I weighed myself last night (AFTER dinner) and i weight 10 pounds less than i did in January, last time i saw my doctor.  So i guess that was a little victory i guess.

Anyway, i think that’s about it for now… have some thoughts swirling in my head, i just need to nail em down.  Till next time.

Listening to: Rush-Retrospective I


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