How could you do this to me?!

Pathetic sentiment (sorta) LOL

OK, lemme explain.  I was watching LOGO today, and they had a documentary on a MtF TG, and it seems her wife was still getting used to the idea, but seemed ok.  The wife’s parents and brother were angry and always asking “How could you do this to our daughter?!”  “Why did you marry her, if you were going to do this!?”  To me…pathetic sentiments.  Now, that may sound harsh, and unfeeling, but as i said in a earlier post, WE know how painful this can be for people to learn, think about how hard it is for US to deal with when we finally know what it is, come to grips with it, etc.

I understand people being upset, distraught upon learning about a loved one being TG, but it’s not an easy thing for us to face.  I knew since i was about 5 something was different about me.  Took me a long time and a chance encounter with pamphlet at a planned parenthood at 17 to finally put a name to it.  Even still i stifled my thoughts and feeling for another 10 years (at least).  I (as i said before) am a VERY lucky person, my wife supports me to the fullest, and loves me dearly.  Believe me i understand that is a difficult thing for our loved ones to face, but think for two minutes what it does to a TG person…for most of their life (unless they are able to come out early on).  I realize we have the thought of it in our minds for years, but do you think for one minute that makes it easier?  Hell no!

Anyway, I wanted to get that off my chest, it popped in my head while making a mix CD heh

Listening to: Mel’s Mad Mix CD (Shinedown-Sound of Madness, Rush-Tom Sawyer, Hang on ST. Christopher-Bulletboys-while i was typing)



  1. Mel….

    I agree…

    It’s been hell for 58 years for me –not really knowing what was wrong with me and feeling ashamed and miserable…
    I didn’t deceive my wife of 30 years…I never really understood what was wrong with me…

    Now I know…

  2. Hey DJ,

    Thanks for the comment, glad you said something, so in case people don’t get it, they will with help from you 😀

  3. I’m glad you’ve been updating on a more regular basis, and I’d like to say I enjoy your taste in music. That aside, I truly hope you continue to update, because this is a journey I’d like to watch you take. I of course, have a TON of questions, but I look forward to seeing the answers posted in your updates as you see fit to share them.

    • Wow! thanks for such a sweet, wonderful comment! It’s good to know at least someone is interested 😛 (aside from you DJ :P) Anyway, feel free to ask anything I will try and post about it when i can. I also have to apologize for not posting much over this last week, as i have been quite sick, and now as i am getting over it, my asthma has been kicking my butt! I shall post either today or tomorrow have a few ideas to get me through the week.


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