They say it’s your birthday, well it’s my birthday too!

OK, not quite. lol  But tomorrow it is my birthday, and i will be, well let’s just say in my late 30s, and that’s enough.  The thought of getting old used to scare the hell out of me, and i never wanted to be old.  But with age and experience and i suppose a different view on life, than when i was say in my 20s.  BUT, the journey has been, i think, vastly different for me compared to most other people.  Being TG means a lot of different things, and different ways to approach life’s little..well you know.  😛  Sadly, as i aged, i assumed I would never transition, and that I would never be able to be who and what i really am.  So, i let my self go ALOT!  When i was in high school, i was skin and bones-6’2″ 175 pounds or so at graduation.  I was really skinny, and very athletic-played soccer, basketball, etc.  Then I went away to college in Savannah Georgia (art school)-was only there for a year, but ate like a horse (as i always did), which didn’t effect me too much as i had to walk to class alot.  When i came back home, i continued to eat tha same, and instead of walking i drove everywhere and the eating and lack of exercise caught up to me before i knew it and i gained a TON of weight, and by ton i mean like 100 pounds in 2 years!

Fast forward a bit, Now, i am WAY overweight, already 10 months on HRT and it’s very difficult to lose weight now. 😦  The living situation i am in, has made it difficult to lose the weight, BUT my wife and i have been trying again recently.  I have really fallen off of my walking, but I have been pretty sick over the last week or so (lungs-asthma issues) as i mentioned before.  I t certainly feels like i am nearly over this, but of course, now my wife is sick!  Hopefully she will get over it fast and we can get back on track.

Anyway, yes tomorrow is my birthday, I don’t really get excited about it anymore… I just look at it that hey, it’s a free dinner out! LMAO  gonna go to chilis this year, and the wife and i will go out by ourselves when she’s feeling better, probably to Olive Garden or something.  Anyway, I think i will sign off for now, and go play some Champions Online (YES, another mmo)-superheroes; right up my alley for sure.  Playing it has inspired me to draw again,  maybe someday i will figure out how to post pics here, and put some up.

Listening to-Shinedown- Leave a Whisper



  1. Just because I KNOW I will forget tomorrow, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. I also hope you both feel better soon, pretty crappy that you’re both sick one after the other! I hear you on the weight gain thing. Only for me it all began when I got pregnant for the first time. I just figured, hey, I was going to get HUGE anyways, might as well eat whatever I wanted. Including a dozen chocolate dipped donuts at 3a.m. every other night. Boy, was I wrong! Four kids and twenty years later, and I’m still paying for it. Have a most excellent day tomorrow!

    • LOL Thanks for the B-Day wished and the comment. Hopefully gonna do some shopping if the wife is up to it 😀


  2. A late Happy Birthday, Melanie. Thought of you at the lunch today.

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