So I haven’t gotten too much into this on here yet, but i consider myself an artist.  I am a HUGE comic book nut (not as much as I used to be), but I STILL love em.  I started reading comics at age 8 or so-I think the first book I ever bought was GI Joe.  It was fun and all, but the book that got me sold on comics, and my own art was Uncanny X-Men.  I don’t recall the number off the top of my head, but it was during “Inferno”. (like any of you know what I am talking about. lol  Anyway, Comics are a huge part of my life, and I have tried on multiple occasions to do my own, but settling on a story, then drawing it inking it, and lettering it myself..well that’s a ton of work.  On the plus side (and no i don’t mean my waste) I have a couple of solid stories, I really like, and lately have been working on final costume designs.  So hopefully I will be able to get pics of some of my characters up here.

I have hundreds of characters, and some I have a close connection to.  One group of people are called “The Centurians” a group of rag tag heroes thrown together and frankly held together by their mentor/team mate a 3000 year old immortal.  I will get to him, and them later.  The group I am going to focus on first is Project: G.A.T.S. (Genetant Anti-terrorism Squad)- Just a side; Genetant is a being either born with or later develops special powers without any kind of technology enhancements (aka Mutants in the marvel universe).

If you’re familiar with Marvel Comics at all (and if you are only a fan of their movies well this concept will seem familiar over the next few years.  They have a group of heroes called the Avengers.  You could say Project; G.A.T.S. is similar, but is actually a quite large group.  There are four 6-person teams, and there main charge is to be a peace keeping force when all other means fail, or are impossible.  I will get into the teams, who’s who, and what’s what later for now, i will toss up a pic or two of some of my characters.

This is Black Fire (name subject to change)  He is actually like the last character i created for Project: G.A.T.S.  His real name is Trinidy Chance (the name, i know sounds wierd, but it’s actually the first names of two brothers I know-FUN parents eh?)  Keep in mind this is NOT a finalized piece of art from me, as I do almost everything in black and white and gray scale and there is no gray in this yet.  But I like the way it came out so far.

Anyway, i think that’s enough for or no? 🙂

Listening to-Disturbed-Indestructible



  1. Nice work…I adore comic book heroes, and super-villians, I love super-villians. I wouldn’t mind seeing you post more.
    Great song by the way, 😛 Told you I liked your taste in music!

  2. LOL I need more music! Thanks again for the comment-More art on the way this week.


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