Black-Just some artwork

Just a Pic i wanted to share 😛



  1. She’s gorgeous, I love the way she’s half in and half out of the shadows. Kinda like you at this point in your life, no? I have a suggestion…find a way to watermark your pics, or try to reduce the large scans into smaller formats. The way you’ve got things uploaded right now would make it exceptionally easy for someone to copy and steal your content, and we wouldn’t want that. TimeThief from the forums is a blogging expert and she has an excellent article posted here
    There is a bunch of links for watermarking your images. And I’m sure if you had any questions you’d be free to leave a comment and TT would help you out. I know there’s a select few who are reading right now, but one never knows, and I personally think you’re very good at what you do, and can totally imagine someone trying to rip you off. Just a thought.

  2. Hey thanks for the sweet comment, and the advice! As you can see I have edited this post with new watermarked images. Thanks again.


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