OK let me explain THAT title.

On our way to take my wife to work this morning she asked me a question.  Being (relatively) new to all this still, and uneducated about the legalities of my transition, she asked me-If I was going to change my birth certificate- because if I do not only will that make our marriage void, but she said It will be strange to people if say we are buying a house (I wish).  My birth certificate won’t match my ID.  And that may cause problems.  I guess I didn’t think about that, it’s something I will have to look into.

Anyway, back to the title of today’s post-“Melaniesexual”.  I was talking to her this morning about Thursday night _I went to a prep “party” for a local TG “fashion exchange”, and someone asked me (or it was discussed) about spouses being labeled lesbian after their mate becomes a woman.  My wife said to me this morning “I’m not Homosexual, Bisexual, or even heterosexual…. I’m Melanie-sexual.  I only want you…Melanie.”  LMAO  She is so VERY sweet, I love her like crazy!

So, as i said last Thursday, Friday was my birthday-It was nice.  My wife, my two sisters in law, my nephew and myself went to dinner at Chili’s.  I wished I could have gone as Melanie, but I am not out to them ….. YET!  I am getting close to telling them though.  It’s really hard to keep it in anymore.  I’m definitely NOT ready to go full time, BUT I am getting really close to coming out to my family so i can be more myself around them.

Anyway, I think that’s it for today.  I have a few thing I need to tackle early, so to whomever reads this, have a wonderful day!

Listening to- Styx-Greatest Hits



  1. Oooh, Styx! Great choice!!

    Melanie, you are so lucky to have a wife that supports you so completely. Amazing!!! Hold on to her tight!!

    As for your birth certificate…. You are likely aware that you have to (currently) have GRS or an orchi in order to get your gender marker changed in CA, right? Or were you just referring to changing your name on your cert?

    Also, despite CA’s current discrimination against gay couples, your marriage will not be voided if you change your gender. You are married, and that is not automatically undone. Yes, this is a huge loophole, which only makes the current bullshit law even more stupid, imo. Oh well, not everyone can have any form of intelligence, I guess 🙂

    Was so great meeting you Thursday. I hope to see more of you, and meet your wife.

  2. Good to know this. And no i didn’t know that, the cert will come later… yes yes! it was awesome meeting you last week! Hope to see you soon.


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