Being “lazy”

So, I haven’t posted anything serious in a bit, and i WILL get back to that.  I just threw together the following drawing in a couple of hours, and I wanted to share it.  It goes hand in hand with the previous posts-This is one “team” within the unit of Project:G.A.T.A-This is Team War (named for their leader an alien from the planet Azorn “War” (He actually should have blue skin and orange/red hair).

From left to right: War (team leader- super strong, super resilient-brawler), Argo (Teleporter), Harrier (bottom center-Speedster on the ground AND in the air), Angelfire (top center-He actually doesn’t know it, but his ability to fly and create “fire” actually comes form the fact that he is a Serephim ‘level’ angel.  He lost his memory when he “fell” to earth), and finally (on the right) Seahawke (Yes the idea behind him stemmed from when i was a football fan.  He is a super strong, flyer, with regenerative abilities).  Team War, of all the Project: G.A.T.S. teams is the most mobile with three fliers and a teleporter.

That’s it for today, but I will definitely be posting something more serious tomorrow.


~Side note: I did too much line work on this, and it looks sloppy close up.  I did the line work, THEN bought the gray scale markers.. I apologize for that. M


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