“You’re gonna wear that hoodie all summer”

Something my wife said to me today as i drove her to work.

Ok, so as I have indicated on multiple occasions, I am not 100% comfortable presenting in public, or even being 100% comfortable with my appearance when NOT presenting in public.  What I mean is, my breasts.  While not huge they do show through everything i wear (including my hoodie).  I AM hoping for “more”, but all in due time.  I suppose subconsciously I wear the hoodie to hide them for now.  The ironic thing is, (as i have said before), I have been “ma’amed” in public even when not presenting.  My wife always tell me I am more female than male anymore, and maybe she’s right.  She IS brilliant!  I guess i’d feel more comfortable if i lost weight and that is my short term goal.  I see my doctor in a month or two and I want to have lost a descent amount of weight before i see her.  I am on the right track already, but had a bad weekend (as far as eating goes).  So, I need to walk every day for the next 6 weeks or so, and I think i will get good results.

I have to cut this short as I am going to have lunch with my better half, but I am probably going to post another today if not tomorrow.


Listening to-Shinedown-The Sound of Madness


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