Ramblin’ m- girl

OK, fair warning ahead of time, this may ramble or even cut off in mid thought.

I went shopping today, by my self! it was awesome! The girls were very kind, and even when i had to show my ID at time of purchase, I told the girl “I hate hearing that name, I just haven’t gotten around to changing it.” and she smiled and said “yah”. They helped me with a dressing room, and made sure i was doing ok on several occasions. I got- 2 t-shirts, a black cami, a shaper, a long flowly skirt…and i think that’s it. I was so fun! I was so nervous at first, but quickly became relaxed, and enjoyed myself.

LATE last night, my wife and I were having trouble sleeping (she has so much stress at work, and my mind is constantly racing with all sorts of thoughts-Comic book ideas, all the info and screen shots from world of warcraft cataclysm alpha, etc). I’m not sure where it came from but we started to talk about how people seem so much more mean spirited these days than we can remember in our lifetimes. I said, i think it’s mostly due to the state of the world. the economy, the job market (believe me i know about THAT one), wars, bomb threats, etc. Seems like it has been getting progressively worse as of late. last 5 years maybe. I told her, i was so sick of every time i turn on the TV i see idiots yelling about the war, the economy, health care, the president not being an American! I mean sheesh!. Sometimes I will even watch fox news and laugh and laugh, the people are there are so nuts over th fact that war monger Bush isn’t in charge anymore, they have to out right LIE to their viewers! They got busted a few weeks ago lieing about a couple of things, and they just glazed over it. Then one of their “personalities” was supposed to go to a tea party rally (geez let it go), and the OWNER of fox told him no, and pulled him back. The reports i heard, were that the owner was not fond of the tea party movement,and wanted fox news to cool down their coverage and support of it. Personally, it makes me more sad the mad when people rip on Obama, because he is really trying to fix the last administrations screw ups, and people that don’t realize what Dubbya did to this country are idiots! Don’t get me wrong there are wackos on the far left as well as the far right-seems everyone is going further and further to the outskirts.

Ok, i didn’t mean to get political there, i didn’t want this blog to go that way.

Anyway, back onto subject, we were talking about how mean, and uncaring some people seem to have gotten. The feeling in the air is one of a heavy downtrodden feeling. We think it’s all going to come to a head in late 2012, and NOT for the reason you may think. I think nothing “supernatural” is going to happen, IF something does happen, it’ll be man-made. meaning, riots, “end is Nigh” crap… people will bring it on themselves. OR, the/a war will erupt and expand. Hopefully not, but I can see thing in the middle east “exploding” or spilling out. I even told my wife, that i would be surprised if we see another serious attempt on an attack on American soil- again, i hope not, but sheesh, after what happened in NYC, ya never know.

I think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but I suppose I have a tiny flicker of hope for humanity, that we won’t “drop the bomb” our on selves. I’d like to think, we can pull out of the economic down turn (seems like it is slowly happening), and people will just step back and say, “hey, maybe we can try it your way”. A LITTLE compromise might take this country and the world a LONG way. Call me an idealist, or a dreamer, but someone has to be that way, and not screaming at everyone who doesn’t have the same views.

OK, so this post was not as light-hearted as most of my posts are, but as i said i was just going to ramble and get some stuff off my mind. lol

Listening to: Fozzy- Chasing the Grail


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