Came out to a family member/Going full time (again)

OK, so last night we were all hanging out waiting for the pizza to come (i know i know), and my wife was looking at sandels for me. Three colors and we were talking about it when one of her sisters (that we live with) came over and looked with us. When my wife said they were for me, her sister was like “those are girls shoes”, and I said “so”? Anyway, my wife asked her if she had noticed anything different with me… she said i had my finger and toe nails painted, and sometimes I wear make up (I actually wear it every day-but who’s counting). She mentioned my chest, and my sister in law said, hmm man, those are what A cups?! and i immediately tossed my arms across my chest LOL. She explained to her that i (as of June) will have been on hormone replacement therapy, and I was on the verge of getting my papers to legally change my name. So it was kind of light hearted, and NOT the way I thought it would go, but I think it was better than i figured. He other sister is a different story.

Saw my therapist this week, and she thinks i am making excuses for not going full time, and she’s probably right (my wife says the same thing). I am really starting to get more comfortable that’s for sure. Funny thing is, I usually never carry a purse (even though I just bought a new one). That would help I think, i get a lot of looks like (is that? a she?) LOL I guess I like making people guess. Anyway, i think I am going to get my name change papers when i see my doc in 2 months and go from there. See if i have the guts.

Listening to- The sounds of an Inn in world of warcraft running in the back ground LMAO


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