Voice work

Been working on my voice on and off for the last 2 weeks..not sure how i am doing, need a thingy that measures my octive, just haven’t gotten around to it/ ๐Ÿ˜› I do find my voice goes a little higher and softer when i talk to people out side of m family. My throat has been hurting of late so I have to take a break… I know doing this will make it sore, so i have to be careful.

I have been thinking A LOT about going full time. If you have read back, I did come out to my sister in law, I just need to do so with the other, and my nephew. I can “stealth” with my folks for awhile since they are 2k miles away. Last night my voice was really rough..prolly from being so upset about Ronnie James Dio still. Still tear up on occasion, not sure why, i should be celebrating his life and that he is no longer in pain. Heck, now he’s rockin with the higher powers. Lucky him.

dangit! I guess I shouldn’t have even written..I get going on here and my cat needs attention..and he is VERY insistent.

This is Arioch, my son ๐Ÿ™‚ Soo cute!



  1. He’s a COW kitty! I love cow kitties. We got ourselves a black cat a few years ago, in the hopes that he would breed with our white cat and make cow kitties, but unfortunately the white kitty played the role of “mom” and wouldn’t let the black kitty any where near her when he grew up!

    On the topic of your voice, my oldest son is in a screamo band. He’s the vocalist and has spent years training his voice (and throat) to protect himself. He says the best advice is to “warm” up for a while before working on any changes. He says saying the vowels forcefully and from your gut using your “normal” voice is a good way to start. Then hum. Humming in different octaves helps you learn what’s pleasant for you, and he figures it will help you determine what tone you’d like to carry in everyday speaking. He says after a while, you’ll learn what your throat feels like when you’re making the tone that you’re going for, and eventually it will become second nature (this could take some time though so be patient. He worked on his vocals for over a year before he was comfortable enough to sing) I know you’re not singing here…lol, but when I emailed him about it, he told me it should all help with your daily speaking.
    Drink warm water and honey tea while training your voice. He says the absolute WORST thing you could do is try to soothe your voice with a cold drink, you’ll do more damage than good. Oh, and one more thing (actually, there were a million other things, but I don’t remember them all) he says when you figure out how you’d like to sound, an easy way to practice is to talk to your wife using your new voice over the phone. Are you ready for this? Apparently, he figures the phone will help with your “sensuality”, he thinks that speaking more sensually will help you speak more femininely. I think he was trying to politely tell me to tell you to talk dirty to your wife over the phone! HA! Anyways, that was probably more info than you wanted to know, my apologies for rambling ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I have some professionally done cds and worked with them a little, i need to get back on that horse.

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