Bleh, whatever

So, things are not going so great. Really I am sure it’s all in my head, I just don’t feel me today. Yesterday I got girly’d up and went to target to do my shopping (i am prone to do at least 1-2 times a week). Well, I felt like i got several strange looks, and a stare or two, from the employees. Usually I feel pretty comfortable there, and have been “ma’amed” and “Miss-ed” several times. I guess I got over confident and maybe i am not ready to go full time, I guess I am farther away from being able to pass every day than i thought. Every time i pass a mirror today I frown, and think..dammit, you’re just not going to pull this off!

Maybe I need to slow down for a bit… I want to be who i was meant to be all the time, but geez, maybe I’m not there yet.

Not sure why i felt the need to post this here, but i guess I needed to get it out. Just depressed i guess…


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  1. Hang on there lady! It’s really troublesome this phase where people look androgynous and so we get those strange looks, but once you overcome that you will feel the joy of being on the right gender. I’m not in this phase yet, but I am already worried. 🙂

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