Sorry I have been away

I know it’s been a LONG time since i have posted and for my loyal readers I apologize. As for me? Things are going well, or as well as to be expected. Chugging along, going out presenting more and more, just trying to get more and more comfortable. Working on coming out to the other two people i live with, apparently my other sister in law started asking the OTHER sister in law questions; “was he wearing make up?” “that shirt seemed feminine” LMAO So I think it’s about time to just tell her, and my nephew just to get it out there and over with. Maybe that will inspire me to come out to my mom as well. THAT one I have been trying to think about how to do for a LONG time.

My friend, who is a year out from her grs is having a rough go (lost her job, gf moved away) and it makes me sad I can’t help her, but she’s strong and smart and I know she will pull through. πŸ˜€ My wife is still having a rough go at work, she is such a soldier to carry on how she does, she is my hero, and my inspiration.

For those of you waiting for my web comic… it’s coming, instead of re-lettering those few pages, i have redrawn them! In a wierd reverse order- meaning three pages were redrawn, but i saved page one for last πŸ˜› probably another afternoon (day) to finish. I also re-wrote some of the narration to give you a better feel of the story background (I also am throwing in some editorial comments as a redoubling of plot hooks, back story and some other details). I will put in a leader before the first 2-3 pages go up, to give you a feel for my universe, and just some general fluff and info. I am really excited to get it going. So stay tuned it should be coming together very soon.

My wife has made a few comments lately about how my body is changing..could be..i haven’t noticed much. She says i am losing my belly, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. My weight hasn’t dropped much since about 2 weeks ago, but we just started doing the curves diet again so we will see (lost 40 pounds last time we did it).

As I approach 1 year on HRT, even though I wish my progress was greater, I am excited for the next year and to see where things go. I wish i could get a couple of elective surgeries to improve my overall look, but my wife continues to insist i don’t need them. Anyway, i hate my nose (always have). I think things are looking up for me, and my wife. I feel the next year things are gonna change and get better for us. Not sure what it is, but lately i have felt like things are gonna turn around.

I think after my next dr appt i am gonna ask for my ID name change/gender marker change- i think it’s time to make that leap! To finally be as complete as i can be without surgery. I am nervous and excited to do it. BUT, that means I have to come out to a larger portion of the family, which i will, and if they don’t like it F-em! lol no, that’s fine, i don’t need anyone’s acceptance, except my wife and my own.

Well, i guess that’s enough for now, thanks for sticking by, see you all soon! (I swear) πŸ˜›


Listening to- Fozzy- Chasing the Grail



  1. Good to see you M!
    And I’m with your wife on the elective surgery issues. Listen to her, it’s quite obvious that she’ll never do you wrong! I personally think you should see what directions your body is going to follow permanently, before you decide to muck around with it. What if you got a nose job and ended up with these fabulous cheekbones and then didn’t have the nose to balance it all out, because you rushed into reshaping it?? Just saying. ;P
    You already know I’m excited for the comic.
    But I want you to know that just reading your post today lifted my spirits. I’m glad things are well for you.

    • Thanks so much. Ya I know I should wait, and see were things go πŸ˜› But i want results now! lol

      Comic should be going up either tonight or tomorrow


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