A real update

So, I have been heavily focused on my comic as of late, and not really posting on my life in general. Well, I do have a bit of a living situation update. This past weekend, I came out to my 16 year old nephew and last night to my other sister in law that we live with. NOW, everyone in the house knows, and seems ok with it. The funniest response came from the sister in law last night. She turned to my wife and asked, “So, are you gay?” Nothing about me, just asking her sister if she’s gay LOL too funny. However my nephew seemed pretty shaken by the whole thing, but i think he’ll come around. As for me personally… I’m good. Need to schedule a dr appt for my one year (on hrt) checkup, and get my bloodwork done before that. My wife showed me a pic of me from a few years ago, and then one of me a few weeks ago, and wow have I changed more than i thought! I need to get them scanned/uploaded but i will toss them up here so you can see what i mean.

Also, I am a pretty happy girl these days (a nice departure from a few weeks ago). Although I did have a bit of an issue yesterday, we went to a buffet place here, and the family next to us seemed to be taking a lot of looks my way. Now, I know when someone is staring at me, and these people were doing just that. It was unnerving at the very least. Funny thing was, my wife said to ignore them, or she could beat them up! lol When I went to get a small second plate, she told me she “mean-mugged” them. She’s so cute, and so protective of me. She always tells me, may they were staring cuz you hot, or really tall lol maybe.

Anyway, life is going well, and I feel I am quite close to the official name change/gender marker. The next HUGE step..coming out to my parents. *bites nails* oh gawd!

Till next time

Listening to the Sony press presentation at E3 😛 ya ya I am a nerd.



  1. Well now that’s a big leap. I’m glad you got a decent response from the family. And my advice about the idiots who stare…well, just stare back. Give them funny looks, leave’em wondering if they’ve got boogers hanging out their noses.

    • LOL you always have such a positive response, i love it!

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