A bit of a rant

recently there has been a real uproar in the world of warcraft community over something maker Blizzard-Activsion calls RealID. What it comes down to is a sort of facebook like community for Blizzard game players. I won’t get into the details of the whole thing, but here’s a link to a very well written blog post of a gaming site to give you some background.


Some, rather most people were understand of the TG persons view on this, some were not… you can read these there as well but here are some of the responses I made;

i don’t usually comment on blogs here and very rarely post on the message boards, but this post really caught my eye. Reason? I AM a transgendered woman who games a lot, and actually i belong to a lbgt guild in wow, so to them i don’t fear anything. BUT, I would prefer to keep my real identity to myself. My friends online (in wow and otherwise) know me as my female identity (eventually I will tell them, but honestly NO tg person should ever be forced to tell anyone, I should have the right to tell who I want, when i want…heck my folks don’t even know yet.

As for it taking a long time to fully transition, indeed it is hard for some of us, as the average price in the states is around 20k. Isurance does not cover it, as it is not seen as a nessasary surgey.

One last thing, if you are my friend (on line) and I don’t tell you, I am NOT lieing to you, as many of us take many years (in my case decades) to even come to grips with it myself. Be mad all you want, but I don’t have to tell anyone, and should never be forced. People that think TG people are liers have NO idea what it’s like to be TG, and face the possibily of violence, ridecule, or something else.

Trojan99 very well said. Xersues-NOONE has the “right” to know my past..period. I have Tg friends who are post-op and are trying to forget their life previously. For all intense purposes she appears to be a GG (Genetic Girl), and she wants people to treat her as such. I plan to go the same rout after my surgery… noone has the right to know anything i don’t want them to know. Don’t tell me everyone you know, knows every detail of your life. I realize being TG is a bit of a bigger secret/detail than say you used to wet the bed til you were 10. (Not insulting you, just making a embarassing thing up)… a lot of TG people “move on” and they should not be scrutinized for their past.

Noone i know at the moment will ever know i was a “he” (unless it’s family-including my wife), Why does anyone NEED to know. If everyone you meet assumes you are a GG, then so be it, noone need be any wiser.

I am in the process of changing my name leagally (next week i go to the court house), and I have the papers to change my gender marker on my DL. Blizz requires MORE paperwork than the dmv or my bank to prove who i am and who i am becoming. I can’t believe you’d be able to lie on your realid, but i suppose anything is possible.

Here is a side note for knowledge for those that don’t know what we have to go through. When I do go to change my name, not only is is 400+ dollars (closer to 6 or 7 after all the fees, and all the changes to all the docs), but i also have to put an announcement in a local paper once a week for FOUR weeks!! at MY expense. If I have to go through all that, a court hearing, a LONG day at the dmv, etc etc… why should I ever have to tell anyone anything after the fact?!

I have known a few people on wow for nearly as long as the game came out (started playing the january after it came out and met my friend by summer), this person does not know about my past, only knows who i am to become. And that’s the way it will stay.

This is my last post on the subject, but again… as I have stated numerous times… NOONE “deserves” the right to know about my past, If i want to tell them, I will… but in no way should anyone be “privledged” to know about it.

Basically, it is a invasion of privacy in many people’s views… Blizzard always says they will NEVER give out our personl info..BUT the RealID thing is JUST THAT!

Sorry I had to get that out.



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