World of warcraft Story-Part 1

OK, this is what I have been working on as of late.

Part 1

The roar of the engines and the constant clamor of engineers banging and hollering filled Amaranthia’s ears as she looked out over the desolate terrain of Icecrown. Her alien eyes longed to see the Exodar again, to see the rolling hills of Azuremyst Isle, anything but this. She shifted on her hooves, as she did so the heavy plates of her armor clanked together. Daenei are not rare within the ranks of the paladins, but she still felt uncomforable, like she was being watched by her fellow paladins; humans, and dwarves had become so familiar to her, yet unfamiliar, for some reason. She became lost in the thoughts of her home, training, anything but the here and now. She sensed someone very close to her, almost shoulder to shoulder with her.

“There you are.” She said with a smile.
“Come now Amara, you didn’t think I’d liet you have all the fun, did you?”

Cassandra Solhammer, a human, a fellow paladin went through all of her training along side the introspective ‘alien’. They had become dear friends during the last five years. Cassy carried a near legendary warhammer named after her great grand father Andricious Solhammer. The much shorter Cassandra hefted the holy mace onto her shoulder and grinned at her best friend.

“Are you ready? The Lich King awaits his doom in his frozen home.” Cassandra always confident, at least on the outside.

Amaranthia, who shifted her grip on the axe she won by killing a powerful minion of the Lich King, priests and paladins of the highest ranks cleansed the blade, but still it glowed with a almost evil red glow paused for a long moment, “Indeed,” She responded, “Or our doom.” She added.

Cassandra laughed and clasped her gauntleted hand on Amaranthia’s shoulder. Amaranthia did not have the lineage of her friend, as a matter of fact her family contains a long line of shaman, and her choice to become a paladin did not come without much disappointment.

“We will assist Lord Tirion with this mission and then retire to Stormwind and work as guards to the cathedral.” Cassandra assured her friend they would make it out of this alive.

Amaranthia and Cassandra suddenly fell silent as the Skybreaker started it’s descent towards Crisader Point. Master Stormbearer, a lieutenant of Tirion Fordring-master of the Knights of the Silver Hand, stepped up to the edge of the disembarking area.

“Alright!” Struggling to be heard over he roar of the engines, he had to yell. “we have no time to waste, hit the ground running, and smite any undead as fast as you can!”

Cassandra slid her helm down over her golden locks and turned towards Amaranthia and slapped the top of it to make sure it was solidly in place. As Amaranthia donned her helmet, she could almost see Cassy’s smile through the plate of her faceguard. As she turned her gaze back to the fast approaching, snow-covered ground she is roughly nudged on her other hip! She looked down to see Drathean Blackmail, a very anxious dwarf paladin stamping, and chuckling. He began a rhythmic banging of his axe against his shield. Moments before the ‘new’ paladins lept from their conveyance, as if on the cue, they all muttered a prayer to the light to empower them in the eminent battle. Filled with holy energies and as if on cue they chanted “For the Light! For Azeroth!”

Amaranthia’s hooves crunched down on the snow-covered rise of the Crusaders Point, as she turned to run down the path into Scourgeholm she could see Cassy running near the front of the group and always was worried about her overzealous friend. At the base of the hill was groups of scourge-reincarnated fallen warriors, scourge mages and the most terrifying of all, giant undead bug-like creatures! Cassy and several other paladins gathered around Drathean, as he consecrated the ground under his feet. The undead monstrosities labored to stand and fight them. Amara looked past them to see several of the ‘bugs’ bearing down on the group, before she could warn them two scourge emerged from the ground under her hooves!

She lost her balance and landed in the snow with a thud, and a groan. She rose her axe to block one swing while she blasted the other with a surge of pure holy light. As the offensive moved forward Amara continued to struggle as yet another scourge joined the fray!

She quickly began to chant a prayer, but was interrupted by a sharp blow to the side of her helm! The world went dark….

Very dark.

“They left you for dead…”

“Come to me…”

“I will take care of you my child…”

“Come to me…now!”

Suddenly, Amaranthia’s eyes fluttered opened, and she sat up! Pulling her helm off, she quickly scanned the area. Scourge shattered and decimated lie all around the area. She slowly makes it to her hooves and picks up her axe, ‘ready’ to defend herself. Slowly she begins to walk away from Crusader Point, and toward Icecrown Citadel! On guard, as she passes some scourge guards who turn to look at her with dark, hollow eyes. She passes without incident, and enters the citadel.

Her eyes struggle to see in the dark and cold mist, when suddenly a large form appears before her! A Tauren! A member of the horde? Here? She thinks to herself. The giant minotaur-like creature observes her for a few moments, them spins in her dark plate armor, carved with skills and icons of the Lich King. He glances over his shoulder, he snorts and motions for her to follow him. They enter a antechamber, dark and cold, colder than anyplace on Northrend. What could this creature have in store for me?

More to come …soon.


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