Some Art-some old and some new

First up is Cassandra Solhammer- She was my second or third toon in world of warcraft (Human Paladin). If you happen to have read the first part of my WoW story, you will know who she is. This picture is basically a preview of what’s to come for her AFTER that story. I will get into that later.

Second is Flux (standing) and Blitz (crouching). They are two members of the superhero team Project: G.A.T.S. (again, if you read my blog on a regular basis, you know what that is. The reason for the composition is this is to be a layout for a comic cover. Sequential covers featuring two members of various teams.

Third-Team Alpha of Project: G.A.T.S. Names labeled. Alpha-Flight, super strong; Blockade-Resilience, strong, can make him self virtually immovable.; Bane-Super genius, inventor, martial artist; Rising Sun-Flight, fire powers; and Psyon- Telekinesis, psychokinesis, and telepathy. Side note (flux from the above pic is a team leader as well, and Flux and Alpha are brother and sister.

Lastly-This is Full Force-brother to another hero not involved with GATS, and a tourtured soul. Was a good guy, then went bad, and became a minion of the most evil person in my comic universe Nightmare. Then his brother saves him, but not before Nightmare uses his technology to make Full Force twice as powerful as before, elevating him to a whole new level of power. Then, after a run in with his brother and the team HE belongs to, FF becomes a sort of renegade, or vigilante, only out for himself.

As always, thanks for taking a look.



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