Exciting morning

So, today is Friday, August 20th 2010. Not a date, as far as I know that will stick out in most people’s minds. Today was HUGE day for me. The wife and i got up and headed downtown about 9ish (a little earlier). Anyway, The reason we went down town was I had something I needed to do.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, my stomach turned and tossed all night. I woke up and got ready… hands shaking like crazy, we jumped in the car, and headed out. After we got down town, we drive around for what seemed like an eternity trying to find a parking spot. Til we did, actually only a block away from our destination. We went in the large office building,and found where we needed to go, I took and number and we sat down. I think we waited about 30 minutes, maybe longer. Seemed like and eternity, it was so hot, and I was still shaking like a leaf. Then the lady announced a number, MY number… I swallowed hard and we walked up to the window. I set down my purse, took out my papers, and in a shaking quiet voice said; “Hi, I need to file the paperwork to change my name.”

THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT’S right!! I did it, after all my laziness, and putting it off, I finally have the order in to change my name legally to Melanie!! I shook so bad the whole time! The girl was so very kind, and instead of me having to jump out of line to make copies, she did it for me (hush hush). After all was said and done, I went out and after some confusion, found my way to the new paper office in the area, and filed for an announcement. FOUR WEEKS they will post it, in case someone has issue with it.

Needless to say I am flying right now! The second leg of the journey has begun! What an awesome feeling!

Melanie Dawn (legally soon :D)

Listening to Gaia (my cat) howling in the kitchen LOL



    Congratulations Mel, that’s great to hear! Just fucking awesome!
    Hehehe….I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for someone I’ve never met before! But, I really am excited for you!

    • LMAO, thanks 🙂 i was so nervous… ooh one thing I forgot to mention about the whole thing, was when i stepped up to the counter and told the girl what i wanted to do, she told me I didn’t have all the forms… she she said “I needed the gender change forms as well”!! I told her i was “qualified” for that yet, and giggled a little..she smiled and said “OH! ok then.” So i guess even before I handed her the paper work with my birth name to chosen name i passed enough for her to think i was further along.

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