New Beginnings

So ya, my last post was a little short, but no less important or exciting than any other post I have written. It’s official, my chosen name is now my legal name. Now I have to wait for the paperwork to be finalized at the courthouse so I can get copies to take to the DMV, the bank, etc. I can finally totally move forward, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel a little like my life has been on hold while I waited for this to be done. The day the ruling was supposed to be handed down, or rather the day before, I nearly had a nervous breakdown! I was hyperventilating, and crying uncontrollably. My friend Rebecca chatted with me a bit, and helped me calm down. I felt such anguish and pain, I hadn’t felt like that since my actually nervous breakdown nearly 12 years ago, when I lived in LA. And that was for nothing (as far I as i know). I felt like my heart was gonna explode, It’s a horrendous experience waiting to see if I can go on living as who I was born to be, or have to go in front of a judge and explain it. I was told repeatedly that rarely happens, but with MY luck, I figured I would have to go through that. It’s rather funny how much I worry about everything with my transition, and the reality as to how easily it has gone. Not that it’s been perfect, but all the horror stories I have heard… I guess, so far, I have lucked out. knock on wood

So, it’s October, Samhain is around the corner, and the leaves are FINALLY changing here. I was taking Bev to work this morning and she said, “Hey, it’s fall!” Meaning she saw a bunch of leaves on the road, and slowly the trees are turning. It brought a smile across my face, I love autumn-a time of renewal, and to begin anew. I feel like Autumn is like MY season. As I am beginning anew with a large portion of my life. Wonderful that it’s starting to cool off, the leave turning, and my name change came down as all this was beginning. I hope to have my SRS in the fall… October is such an awesome month. I would LOVE to have my “second birthday” in October. I have been VERY lazy about keeping up with my Sabbats, BUT that will all change, my mind can refocus finally… Bev and I are planning a ritual at the new (full?) moon, I can’t remember which LOL We will write down our bad habits on one leaf and a good one on another, crushing the bad under our heels, to abolish it, and move past it. (I have JUST the boots too :P).

My wife is so awesome! She wants to buy me a “girly” ring to replace my wedding band, basically signaling a sort of turn in our relationship. I have been telling her all along no, it’s too much money, or whatever…but secretly I do want one 😛 I’m a pest that way. I would to eventually have a second handfasting with her with my new name. I wonder what I might have to do to change our marriage license? Hmmm, maybe I need to look into that.

So, ya..things are going well… Oh and I got a new cell phone! A droid 2..pretty sweet, but no front facing camera, so pics are really difficult to take 😦

Peace and well being,
Melanie Dawn

Listening to- Disturbed -Asylum


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  1. Funny, my wife and I have the same wedding band (titanium with a blue groove around the middle…titanium to protect us in case the doors are closing on an underwater oil platform). You may want to get the same band your wife has…it’s a nice kind of unity.

    Congrats again on your name change!

    love, Gin

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