Hit on, or oogled?

So, there I was this morning, driving to Safeway, after dropping my wife off at work. Minding my own business, when I realize, no matter how fast I drive, there’s a truck traveling right next to me, keeping pace. That always unnerves me, when someone drives RIGHT next to you, it’s like you have no “out” if the idiot in front of you stops short or drives really slow. you see most people on the road ARE in fact idiots. Anyway, I glance over and there’s a guy in the truck smiling at me… ok this is new to me, so I smile back, and turn my attention back to the road. I try to be safe driver ya know, except for the speeding thing. So, I notice out of the corner of my eye, he is STILL right there! So I look again, and he smiles and does a sort of “wow” motion with his mouth. OK, now I am really nervous… not sure if I should be concerned or flattered. So i steal another glance, and he does it again and holds his hand out in front of his chest like he’s grabbing a boob! I gasped, and covered my chest with my hand. I happened to be wearing my only low cut blouse, but the seat belt was covering me. I have grown a little, like MAYBE a VERY small B. For some reason this made me really uncomfortable, and I sped away, and ironically he slowed way down, and made every efforts to catch the next red light, while i tried to miss it. We both got caught at it, but he drove SUPER slow, I saw cars weave around him. So I went and got gas, and got a few things at the store, and went home.

When I got home I started to think about it, and was soooo offended by that asshole! he was messing with me! Trying to make me feel good, then be an ass, and objectify me! ME! It really wrecked my day! I wanted to cry… some asshole was messing with me, and making fun of me. Dammit! I told my wife about it and she said she didn’t think he was messing with me, she said that’s how guys are. Not you though, you’ve never been a guy. She’s so funny. One of her coworkers told her to tell me “Welcome to womanhood”. GAWD! If that’s the way it is, I am scared. Guys are disgusting pigs!

On the way home tonight, she asked me if he was cute… I said no, he was average at best. I can’t believe I would even rate a guy. lol Anyway, that was my day today, I was really shook up and my stomach was upset, and I wanted to cry. GAWD men suck!



  1. Girls rule and boys drool!
    I’m sorry you were objectified, but, like your wife’s co-worker said, welcome to the world. It gets easier to deal with, with practice. Sad to say, but it’s almost a given. On the one hand, be thankful you didn’t experience it as a child, it can be far more frightening then. On the other hand, these are going to be new experiences for you, you’re going to have to learn about a whole new world. Men can be scary sometimes.

    On the plus side, and there IS a plus side, maybe now you’ll see yourself the way we see you, and you’ll realize how beautiful you actually are. Nothing like a creepy stalker guy to boost the ego! ;P

    • lol i guess..as for beautiful… naw… not even close 😛

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