There and back again

and I am back again… Yes, it’s been quite some time, but really have little to voice here i think anyone would want to read. Besides being smiled and winked at at the bank the other day, nothing huge has happened. Thinking about joining a coworker of bev’s and a bunch of people at a club this weekend, but i really don’t know. I don’t drink, i can’t dance… what’s the point?

Anyway, still haven’t heard anything about my folks coming out to visit 😦 Ever since I came out to them, the communication has been very one sided, and very sparse. BUT, I always have Bev to lean on. She is my rock… my everything.

So We started Nutri system about 3 weeks ago, and last time I weighed I had lost 8 pounds. It’s a start… i hope I can hit my goal… but that is WAY off. So, I have also been working on my voice more.. my wife and I have this new thing we just started… I talk in Melanie’s voice.. if I slip back to Matthew, she says “what?” “I don’t understand”… to remind me to get back into and stay in it. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

I am gonna cut this short this time, but i’ll be back.

One final note… new comic coming! I know I never really finished the last one, but this one practically writes it’s self… I have a group of characters running the range of the LBGT community, but the first main character is Xander…a young successful guy who struggles with gender disphoria…. the art isn’t great, but it’s more about the story. In two weeks!

Melanie Dawn

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