A form of acceptance

So, if you have been a long time reader or just read back like 2-3 posts you will know after my wife, the most important person/people I get acceptance from is my folks. Well, I sort of got that just the other day. My father, being the amazingly generous and helpful person he is… gave me a gift in the form of a check. Since I never really announced to them about my legal name change, it was made out to Matthew. Which is fine, The bank understands what’s going on with me and has both names on the account. Well, I wrote him a quick email to thank him, and not really thinking, I signed the email Melanie.

I got a reply email back yesterday, and he asked me if he made a check out to Melanie would that be ok for the bank?! Serious!? He would actually do that? I wrote him back, but I don’t think it went through as i got an error or something (dang phone!). So I need to write him again now that I am at my computer. Not a huge post but I wanted to share this little tid-bit, that’s actually pretty major to me.


Listening to- not a damn thing! 😛