What the?!

I used to write this blog to keep up with my transition, a sort of recording for possibly later use. I’m nearly positive no one is reading any more, but it’s sort of cathartic to write. Which is exactly what I have been doing. I finished volume 1 of beautiful tragedy, and actually self published. it didn’t sell like hotcakes but it was awesome to have it under my belt. I am about half way through volume 2 but stopped due to insane depression issues off and on all year.

A sort of update; Last february my parent finally got to meet Melanie in person. WOW I don’t think it could have gone better! They were so wonderful, but mad that i didn’t tell them when i was little.

So anyway, I mentioned writing. I started writing an erotic romance novel-but as with a lot of my stuff it got (and was supposed to be) dark. A little challenging to write after awhile. I got to about 22,000 words or so. I have set it aside. Now I am working on a romance novel… sitting at 18k at the moment. It’s been flying out of me! It’s a blasty and so exciting to create like this!

Anyway, i will sign off for now.. maybe i will pop in from time to time..oh and i’ll leave an updated photo to mark my progression.




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