Ok I can’t believe I am doing this… but here goes.

This is me-

And this is me (after my wife found a image editing/make over type thing… I’ll get a link later.

I LOVE the color and the streaks in my hair on this one!

Aaaaand a couple more.

Try not to be too scared 😀

A new one…

My new hair cut, and color… I am in love with it! Thanks to my dear wife for all her work 🙂

aaannd another 😛

Pig tails lol

Most recent pic.

and two more… the second and my new header are really washed out due to my new droid phone and it’s crazy flash!



  1. I think it is very cute. It must be so nice to have your wife working with you.

    • thanks, and yes it is, she is wonderfully supportive as i have stated numerous times throughout my blog.


  2. Can I be honest? Of course.
    I like the before more than the after.
    And okay, but I’m sorry. I don’t see a dude in a dress. Quit your whining. You’re beautiful. 😀

  3. You pass girl!

  4. Nice photos, Melanie. Thank you for sharing them. I know how scary it can be to post pics.

    Loved the comment about your wife being there to ‘Mean Mug’ anyone who might cause a problem.

    Wish you the best, Dear!

    • Ya definitely scary, but i think it helps my self esteem and self image. As long as no one comments about i should “give it up”. Also, my wife is VERY protective of me, and would definitely stand up to anyone who gave me crap! 😛

  5. Damn! Lookit those cheekbones. Me and my chubby cheeks are jealous over here. How much weight have you lost? You look great. I quite like the new cut/colour too.

    • thanks a bunch! and about 15 pounds total, still have a LONG way to go.

  6. I love the braids! Now I miss my long hair. My girls used to spen hours braiding my hair over and over for me. And, umm….is it just me, or is there a little sense of DIVA forming behind those eyes? That last pic just screams cheeky.

    • hehe…diva? me? no way! 😛 That was a night the wife and I were messing with eye make up and she decided to braid my hair for fun. I can’t stand to have anything near my eyes…sadly.

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